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Mint Asset Management is a specialist boutique funds manager providing investment vehicles and solutions for retail and institutional investors. It was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Thomas following a successful career in the UK.

When tax and legislative changes effectively removed arduous and inequitable income tax restrictions on managed fund investments in New Zealand and Australian securities, Rebecca identified an opportunity. Her vision was to help both institutional and retail investors benefit from those changes.

Through a range of products designed to maximise the new PIE tax regulations, Mint Asset Management has delivered consistent portfolio returns to its clients. We’re extremely proud of the fact, that we have a proven track record of success through consistent portfolio performance.
Shared investment and ownership interests create a natural balance.

Mint is owned by key current employees which effectively aligns our investment interests, with those of our clients. Having a vested interest in our business ensures our performance as fund managers, has direct implications for our continuing growth, longevity and success as a company.

Our portfolio managers are provided with the financial incentive to deliver superior investment returns through performance fees. They also share in the company's growth and prosperity as shareholders.
Our Company Values


We respect other people's money and value our personal reputations.

Investment Discipline

Having worked for many years with several of the world’s leading financial organisations, we assume a disciplined approach to investment. This is directly reflected in our highly successful investment process.

Comparative Advantage

We fully understand our niche and exploit our specialist research to make consistently profitable investments.


Our fees are fully disclosed so there are no surprises.

Corporate Governance

We believe good corporate governance to be fundamentally important. To ensure our business is professionally managed, we outsource functions such as fund accounting and custody so we can focus on our core competencies. We also limit the amount of money we manage, to ensure we’re highly effective at managing the funds we are entrusted with.


We do business in an open, honest and fair manner and always, in good faith.


We employ the best people to deliver the best results.

Performance Measurement

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We measure success in terms of the investment returns our clients receive.


Important Information for all Investors
On 30 June 2013 the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing Terrorism Act 2009 came into force. In order to comply with this Mint Asset Management has established a robust set of procedures and practices. For investors this will mean additional identification will be required with new application forms. Further information can be located in the Investment Statement under the section How to Complete the Application Form or by contacting us on 0800 646833 or info@mintasset.co.nz. 

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