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Our range of funds ensures you’re able to invest in a fund that suits your financial and lifestyle preferences.

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Mint Diversified Income Fund (Retail)


Created to provide sustainable income whilst generating enough growth to protect the income generating capital from inflation. 

Assets types: cash, fixed interest (including credit products), listed property and equities.

Lower risk profile than an equities only portfolio

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Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust (Retail)

Created to target total return from predominantly investing in opportunities with exposure to commercial property and the relatively lower risk long term growth characteristics of those assets.

A portfolio of actively managed Australian and New Zealand listed property and property-related shares.

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Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust ( Retail)

Created to share the growth of the underlying economy in which we invest by finding companies offering a blend of growth and sustainability.

Actively managed Australian and New Zealand equity portfolio which targets consistent performance through the economic cycle.

Interested in wholesale investment?

We offer both funds and segregated mandates. If you are a wholesale investor or consultant, please contact our team for further information.

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