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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I invest with Mint Asset Management?
Application forms can be found at the back of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be downloaded directly from the website, obtained through a financial adviser or you can contact us for a hard copy. Completed application forms should be sent to: Mint Asset Management, c/o MMC Limited, PO Box 106 039, Auckland 1143. Payment can be made by cheque, electronic banking and/or direct debit. Further details can be found in the PDS.

Please note that the first application for an investment with Mint Asset Management will require proof of identity together with your IRD number and PIR (Prescribed Investor Rate).
How do I get product information such as PDS, SIPO or Fact Sheets?
You may obtain information including a PDS, Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) and product information from either your financial adviser, downloading the offer documents from the website, or by emailing info@mintasset.co.nz and we will forward documents to you. This information can also be found at www.business.govt.nz/disclose.
What is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE)?
Under changes to New Zealand legislation a managed fund may register to be a Portfolio Investment Entity which means investment income within the managed fund is subject to different rules relating to tax. All our retail products are currently registered as PIEs. Among these rules capital gains on all New Zealand and some Australian shares incur no tax while other income is subject to tax calculated on the basis of each investor’s Prescribed Investment Rate (PIR).
What is the PIE regime?
The Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) regime is a regime for the taxation of PIE managed funds. The PIE's income is attributed to its investors, based on their shares of the PIE, and is taxed at each investor's Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). The PIE regime creates tax advantages for some investors, mainly because the maximum PIR is 28%. The regime therefore provides tax benefits to investors who are on a 30% or 33% marginal tax rate and invest in a PIE.
What is a Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR)?
A PIR is the tax rate used to calculate tax on taxable income. Each investor, whether an individual, company, trustee, registered charity or superannuation fund, has a PIR which you must supply at the time of investment. In order work out which rate applies to you please contact the IRD www.ird.govt.nz
Any unanswered questions?
Please visit the Existing Investors TAB.
How do I top up my investment?
Additional investments can be made on the Application Form attached to the PDS or by contacting us. Any subsequent investment will not require you to re-submit proof of identity.
How do I check on the valuation of my investment?
Our website is updated weekly on Tuesday morning for last week's unit price and at month end two days after the valuation has been signed.

However if you need the most current valuation of your investment you can call the Administrator on 09 309 8926 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays from 9am to 5pm.
Can I switch between Mint funds?
Yes, you can switch your investments between the Mint funds at no cost. You will need to complete an application form for the new fund and send this to our administrators with instructions to switch your holding.
How do I get a tax certificate?
A tax statement will be sent to all investors following the financial year end at 31 March. If you are due a rebate, we will liaise with the IRD on your behalf and will purchase additional units in the fund with the proceeds. If you owe money to the IRD we will deduct units from your holding to pay the IRD.
How do I redeem all or part or my investment?
A request to redeem part or all of your investment must be made in writing to the Administration Manager, Mint Asset Management, c/o MMC, PO Box 106-039, Auckland 1143. The letter must include your client number and the bank account details proceeds are to be paid to and be signed by the same people who signed the application form.
How do I change my income reinvestment choice or my bank details for income payments?
A request to change these details must be made in writing to the Administration Manager, Mint Asset Management, c/o MMC, PO Box 106-039, Auckland 1143.
How do I notify a change of address?
Notification of a change of address must be made in writing to the Administration Manager, Mint Asset Management, c/o MMC, PO Box 106-039, Auckland 1143.
Will we receive dividends or distributions?
The Mint Diversified Income Fund intends paying a quarterly distribution to investors. If investors in this fund do not wish to receive distributions, they can tick the box on the application to have these reinvested. The Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust and the Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust do not intend to pay distributions. If you are invested in these funds and wish to receive an income stream from your investment please contact us.
How are fees paid?
The funds are subject to the costs associated with running them which include an annual management, administration, custody, trustee and audit fees. These are deducted directly from the fund and the unit price posted on the website at each month end incorporates these.
How do I make a complaint?
Any complaint should be directed in writing to Mint Asset Management Limited, PO Box 91649 Auckland Mail Centre, and attention: Compliance Manager. You may also contact the Trustee in writing at Public Trust, PO Box 1598 Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, and attention: Manager Client Services.

Mint is a member of a dispute resolution scheme with the Insurance and Savings Ombudsmen (ISO). The ISO may be contacted at PO Box 10-845, Wellington 6143 or phone 0800 888 202

Please note: Mint Asset Management advises that all investors should seek independent financial advice prior to making any investment decisions.

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