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Our Investment Approach

We follow an established, clearly defined investment philosophy that applies across all our investment strategies.

A summary of our investment philosophy is we are active managers, using fundamental research as the basis of all our investment portfolios. We are conscious of the uncertainty of future returns, so highly concentrated exposures and illiquid holdings are rare in our portfolios. Our research process seeks to identify investment opportunities that can grow sustainably through time.

Once invested, we continuously monitor these holdings to ensure the fundamentals behind the decision to invest have not changed. We believe that through skill and opportunity, we can add value over and above the benchmark indices. As a result, our portfolios reflect our best investment ideas and are structured to provide sustainable income and/or capital growth over the medium to long term.

Our investment decisions are made from our investor’s perspective, and investments are only made following a structured process, combining both quantitative and qualitative factors. We place a strong emphasis on risk management. That is, we seek to invest in high quality, or potentially high quality companies, where the expected return from the investment will more than adequately compensate us for the potential downside risk

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We have designed a range managed funds, each offering a different investment objective and level of risk.


Download Statement of Investment Policy & Objectives

For further details on our investment approach please read our Statement of Investment Policy & Objectives (SIPO)

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