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Have a plan

It's important to have goals and objectives to serve as a roadmap to your final outcome. These tools can help you.


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Diversify your investments

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Invest regularly into the markets via KiwiSaver, managed funds and other products to give you greater diversification, depending on your risk profile and time frame.


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Don’t invest too conservatively

Factors such as living longer and inflation mean we need to be thinking longer-term. Let that 8th wonder of the world (compound interest) help you enjoy the journey and invest in growth assets proportionately to your age and stage. Just because you stop working, even at 65 it doesn’t mean your investments and hard earned savings should.


Sorted Retirement Calculator

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Break up your investments into
3 buckets 

  • Bucket 1 the money you need to live on and enjoy your current lifestyle. This needs to be in mainly capital safe investments so it can used to top up your superannuation payments.

  • Bucket 2 helps fill up bucket one. Could be invested for five to ten years, with some in growth assets.

  • Bucket 3  fills up bucket two. May be 10-plus years before you need the cash, which allows you to invest in even more growth assets, like shares and property. This helps keep the buying power of your savings there when you need them.

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Invest time (and money) with a qualified financial planner.

It’s never too late to start saving for that next chapter in life. Even saving a little more now might just make the difference between a good outcome or having to make some much harder decisions about your next chapter when you stop work.


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