Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust (Retail)

Unit Value (as at 31 October 2018) = 1.8955

Fund Performance

As at 31 October 2018

  1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years* 3 Years* 5 Years* Since inception*
Mint Real Estate Investment Trust** -3.67% -0.67% 8.17% 5.10% 6.14% 9.34% 8.66%
NZ Property Gross Index -3.41% 0.46% 11.00% 7.07% 7.74% 11.38% 7.49%


Listed property securities (LPS) are financial securities that control underlying physical property. They generate income and capital gains for investors from the ownership and management of physical property assets. LPS are traded on the stock market meaning that their value is easily realisable.

An investment in these securities offers investors exposure to the returns from a range of property assets in New Zealand, Australia and markets overseas.

* Per annum
** Mint returns are after all fees have been deducted and before tax

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Key Features for the Fund

  • Open-ended ‘high conviction’ Australia New Zealand actively managed listed property and property related equity trust
  • Can hold up to 60% of listed property and property related investments in Australia
  • Targeting returns above the NZ Property Gross Index + 2.0% p.a
  • Consistent returns via Total Return approach + Active Management (GARP style)
  • Suitable for Investors with a minimum 5 year investment horizon.
  • Cash – where attractive opportunities do not exist the Trust will hold cash/yielding securities.
  • 1.0% Management fee. Performance fee = 10% of out performance above NZ Property Gross Index + 2.0% p.a. with a once and for all high water mark
  • Target 15 - 30 holdings
  • Currency risk hedged at Manager's discretion.


Please seek independent financial advice to determine whether this investment is consistent with your individual risk profile and investment objectives.