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Mint Diversified Income Fund (Retail)

Unit Value (as at 30 June 2018) = 1.0557

Fund Performance

As at 30 June 2018

Last Distribution 1.03 cents per unit 6th July 2018

  1 month 6 months 1 year* 2 years* 3 years* Since inception*
Mint Diversified Income Fund** 0.70% 1.83% 5.02% 3.60% 4.96% 5.21%
90 Day Bank Bill Rate 0.17% 0.98% 1.96% 2.03% 2.31% 2.70%

* Per annum
** Mint returns are after all fees have been deducted and before tax
*** We have shown the 90 Day Bank Bill Rate returns as the closest equivalent to the funds investment objective. We also provide performance against a composite index. Information about this index and its returns can be found in the latest quarterly Fund Update.

Key Features for the Fund

  • Provides investors with a combination of income and capital growth
  • Has a lower risk profile than funds investing only in equities
  • Targeting sustainable returns with low volatility
  • Will hold combination of both domestic and global fixed interest and equity securities
  • Suitable for investors with a minimum 5 year investment horizon.
  • 0.75% Management fee (no performance fee)
  • Currency risk hedged at manager's discretion
  • Targeting returns of the Consumers Price Index + 3.0% p.a.

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Please seek independent financial advice to determine whether this investment is consistent with your individual risk profile and investment objectives.

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