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Building New Zealand’s leading independent Investment and Wealth Management Group

1 November 2021 Rebecca Thomas

Building New Zealand’s leading independent Investment and Wealth Management Group

Mint is pleased to be able to share some exciting news.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (GNZS) has added to its investment mandate with us and secondly, that Ascentro Capital Partners Limited (Ascentro) is investing alongside Mint Asset Management’s current employee shareholders with a view to building New Zealand’s leading independent Investment and Wealth Management Group.

Both of these initiatives validate Mint’s track record of delivering exceptional client outcomes and will enable us to grow our investment team and enhance our product line up whilst also maintaining our high levels of investment expertise, processes and client service.

GNZS has again increased its allocation to Mint

Mint has been managing a portfolio for GNZS since July 2015, and we are pleased to announce GNZS has now increased its mandate with Mint. We welcome GNZS's recognition of our robust investment process, team expertise, good governance and long-term performance, as we continue to deliver against this expanded mandate.

Mint and Ascentro launch Amplifi

Ascentro’s investment follows a comprehensive due diligence process, which saw them attracted to our industry and Mint because of our focus on delivering exceptional client outcomes, the capability of our team, our culture and strong governance.

The Investment and Wealth Management markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a result, we have in conjunction with Ascentro, established Amplifi Group Limited, which has the strategic objective of building a diversified investment and wealth management group, offering best in breed portfolio construction, and investment management, whilst ensuring that Mint and other operating companies maintain and enhance their core DNA. Mint’s CEO, Rebecca Thomas, remains the largest shareholder in this new structure.

In announcing this positive news, Rebecca Thomas noted “we have chosen to work with a local New Zealand based partner with an impressive track record of growing New Zealand companies by providing expansion capital. We will continue to maintain and develop Mint’s investment philosophy, process and team with a focus on delivering additional value to our clients and welcome the continued support of GNZS”.

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